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Oct 2022
Oct 2022
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Bat Trang – Truly a worth-visiting traditional

Bat Trang – Truly a worth-visiting traditional

Bat Trang ceramic products have been highly appreciated for their quality, designs and categories, divided into functional groups such as household ceramics, worship items, fine pottery artworks, building ceramics and decorative ceramics. The items are spread out all over Vietnam, and exported to many other countries. Bat Trang village is not only a place to make a national product brand, contributing to preserve the cultural values ​​of the capital but also one of the popular tourist destinations in Hanoi.

A Quick History of Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Bat Trang Village was nestled on the bank of Red River, in Gia Lam District, around 16km from the center of Hanoi city. The name of “Bat Trang” means “the bowl workshop”, dedicated to the specialization. This village was formed in the Ly dynasty, over the past 1000-year history with certain ups and downs, it still stands and is growing up today.

When the area of Thang Long (Hanoi today) was chosen for the capital, there were attempts to gather the skilled ceramists and their offspring to inhabit in this place and develop business. The potteries in this village have been made for various functions such as for the citadel constructions, daily use, worshipping, artistic wares, etc. Generations in Bat Trang Village have tried to keep their traditions and quintessence to create the unique and sophisticated products.

Interesting experience in Bat Trang ceramic village

Making your own souvenir

Bat Trang village is often the destination of many tourists to visit the capital. To this ancient land, visitors will feel extremely interesting when encountering vases, ceramic pots displaying the alleyways in the village or the walls exposed to the special.

You should take opportunities to see how the ceramists create their masterpieces. By watching the procedure, some tourists might want to get the hands-on experiences in making their own potteries. The good place for this activity is the Ceramic Market (Cho Gom) where has the “pottery making service” in several houses. Enter a house and try it out!

As usual, a local host will give you a big clay ball (humid a bit) and a wheel. Then, you put the clay ball in the middle of the wheel and shape your object. Most of the practitioners will make cups, bowls, or various other round-shaped utensils. If you have skillful hands, you can try making the animal-shaped potteries. After being modeled, the potteries need to be heated to a very high temperature to become hard enough. The heating step might take around 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can get around to explore the Ceramic Market, have lunch, and feast eyes with numerous artistic objects and souvenirs.

If you want to shop, then do it in the market because it offers more reasonable prices than elsewhere. After that, paint your own objects and beautify them with colors. In the end, the ceramics will cover your potteries with the special gloss paint to enhance its hardiness. The fee for each pottery is around 30.000 VND – 50.000 VND. Take your hand-made potteries home and they will remind you of the beautiful time in this traditional village in Hanoi.

Bat Trang Village Temple Located nearby Red River, the temple holds an indispensable role in the villagers’ spiritual life. It’s easy to notice the temple on the routes along the riverbank, but you can also ask the locals for directions. This is the ancient construction with impressive architecture and revered atmosphere. The back-in-time journey to Bat Trang Village Hanoi cannot lack the sightseeing moments at this antique temple. It is also the fantastic background for photography. The artistic ornaments in the gate of the temple are very eye-catching, which tell how deluxe the local ceramics are.
Van Van House
“Vạn Vân” means an ideal place for the beautiful clouds to gather. This house preserves the valuable and ancient objects from the traditional villages, most of Bat Trang ceramics. Situated in the end corner of the village and shaded by the large trees, Van Van House exhibits more than 400 antique ceramics of the 15th – 19th centuries, which are absolutely worth contemplating.